W&LE Toledo Division
Warrenton to Wheeling

WARRENTON (M. P. 205.5)
Passing siding--capacity 46 cars.
Steubenville Branch connection. West leg of wye at M. P. 205.46 and east leg of wye at M. P. 205.54.
M. P. 205.70
Short Creek, 128-ft. 2 span deck plate girder bridge, built 1949. E-60.
Due to trouble experienced from time to time with high water at Warrenton, station consists of coach body on trucks situated on spur track, so that it can be moved when required. NKP tracks, etc., are quite close to Ohio River.
Population--1950 census -- 2,202.
Passing siding--capacity 51 cars.
PRR connection and crossing, including target. Maintained and operated (tending lights) by NKP. PRR assumes target expense 100%, crossover 50%, crossover tracks, some 50% and some 100%.
Water station -- 8" standpipe. Direct connection from city main. Wayside softening.
Industries served -- 3.
YORKVILLE (M. P. 208.0)
Population--1950 census -- l,854.
Storage track--capacity 34 cars.
House and team spur--capacity 12 cars.
The Tin Plate plant of the Wheeling Steel Corporation is serviced by joint switching operations. NKP performs switching. Billing against PRR computed at rate of $7.50 per hour for use of locomotive, plus actual wages of crews and usual billing percentages. Billing is made on a loaded car handled basis.
M. P. 208.60
Deep Run and highway -- 30-ft, deck plate girder bridge, 82-ft. pile trestle, built 1943. E-60.
M. P. 210.24
State Route 7--Overhead highway bridge owned by State of Ohio.
M. P. 210.91
Glen's Run, 37-ft. I-beam bridge, 82-ft. pile trestle, built 1939 E-60.
Population of Martins Ferry in 1950 census -- 13,220.
PRR connection M. P. 210.65.
East end of Toledo Division, M. P. 211.31, joins Martins Ferry extension.
Yard track -- capacity 175 cars.
Water station (M. P. 211.75) -- 4" standpipe. Direct connection to city main.
Terminal Jct. is terminal for through freight run from Brewster. Engine watchman and car inspection service only at this terminal. Station office, car inspector's building and enginemen's bunk room are car bodies on trucks, so that they may be moved when necessary account of high water.
Martins Ferry extension is 2.88 miles long.
There are some joint yard tracks and connections with PRR and B&O between Tiltonville and Martins Ferry and the railroads bill each other for interest, rental, taxes and maintenance on property involved.
M. P. 211.15
Powhatan Mining Co. loads coal from river barges. Loading, in 1953, 497 cars, 28,815 tons.
M. P. 212.33
Center Street, 48-ft. 2 span I-beams, 60-ft. 2 span deck plate girder bridge, built 1920. E-45.
Center Street--lead to Newport Steel Corporation--109-ft. I-beam girder bridge, 4 spans, built 1915. E-60.
M. P. 212.96
Locust Street, 73-ft. through plate girder bridge, built 1898. E-45.
Locomotives larger than G2 class not permitted east of Terminal Jct.
Number of loaded cars interchanged during year 1953:

Railroad Delivered Received
B. & O. 9,511 3,174
P. R.R. 995 1,868
Total 10,506 5,042

Industries served- 9, including: Wheeling Corrugating Co., Wheeling Steel Corporation, Newport Steel Corporation
Population--1950 census -- 58,891.
NKP tracks do not enter Wheeling. Freight house is owned by NKP and is located on PRR property. PRR owns and maintains sidetrack. NKP pays rental for land and track.
NKP reaches Wheeling under agreement with the Wheeling Terminal Ry. (PRR Terminal Branch). The NKP receives and delivers shipments to the Wheeling Terminal Ry. at Martins Ferry, Ohio, for handling to and from facilities on the PRR Terminal Branch in Wheeling, W. Va.
Industries served -- 28. These industries are served by PRR under contract switching. Cars are interchanged with NKP at Martins Ferry.
End of main line of Toledo Division.

from NKP Wheeling and Lake Erie District Line Description Booklet, 1954 (pages 24-25, djvu page 15)

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