Digital Elevation Models

KeyUSGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) seamless datasets are composed of the best available raster elevation data for the United States. Bare earth surface elevation (does not show tree canopy or buildings - lidar datasets can include them) Available for free download from USGS National Map. FAQ

NEW: 1/3 and 1/9 arc NED available for Google Earth and Google Maps in the Google Maps Gallery.

Aproximate point dimension (X/Y) meters
Approximate Vertical
Accuracy (Z) meters
Aproximate Scale
Lower 48 State Coverage
+/- 7
+/- 7
+/- 1
Ohio Dayton

A 30 meter DEM colored for Ohio elevations is available on this website. The USGS has both the 1/3 arc (10M) and 1/9 arc (3M) DEMs colored for the entired US in Google Earth Gallery. Search on "USGS Elevation" and look for National Elevation Data.

Google Earth tiles for a Ohio, using 30 meter shaded DEM data available on this network link. The Ohio DEM colors are based on the Ohio elevation range from 455 feet at the Ohio River near Cincinnati to 1,550 feet at Campbell Hill near Bellefontaine. This accentuates the elevation differences within Ohio. Source: USGS: highest and lowest points by State. (Created using Global Mapper software) Also on this network link are a couple different elevation color ranges and resolutions for NE Ohio including HSV (Hue-Saturation-Value) coloring.

For use in a lab setting, it is recommended that you download the file (86MB) to a local server accessible to your lab, uncompress into a folder, and link to the doc.kml file. For wireless laptops, you may wish to save the files on each laptop hard drive. (Tip: kmz files are zip compressed kml files, usually including the referenced image files - change the .kmz extension to .zip if you wish to uncompress the file.)

The Ohio Division of Natural Resources Division of Geological Survey has produced a number of maps and other resources for understanding the geology of Ohio. Their Ohio Shaded Elevation Maps use the same NED data.. Page 2 of the pdf version includes a detailed explanation of the more striking topographic featuers.

The Northeast Ohio Geoscience Education Outreach website has many K-12 activities related to Ohio Geology.



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