Automobile Blue Book 1919
Volume 4 (including Ohio)

"Standard Road Guide of America" - Cleveland Automobile Club edition

Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio
with extension routes into New York State, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Illinois.

How to use the Blue Book
600 dpi DjVu bitonal (173K)

Ohio Detail Map 600 dpi DjVu bitonal (1315K)

Cleveland Section
pages 492-506 (not yet complete)
600 dpi DjVu scanned or bitonal (50-250K@)
State Descriptions, Motor Laws - pages 974-978 600 dpi DjVu bitonal (~25K@)

The Blue Books cover the entire United States in eleven volumes. They tell you where to go and how to get there, giving complete maps of every motor road, running directions at every fork and turn, with mileages, all points of local or historical interest, state motor laws, hotel and garage accomodations, ferry and steamship schedules and rates. A veritable motorist's encyclopedia.


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