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This website provides high resolution digital images of historic maps and documents that can be re-used by students, educators and historians. These images are larger than actual size and are often easier to view than the originals. You may copy this material for use in your own research subject to copyright/licensing agreement below. This site is maintained by Stephen Titchenal, e-mail: Stephen-A@T-Titchenal.com (remove the -AT-). This is my contribution to the web community, as I appreciate all the resources shared by others.

My interest in history began while working with my father to research our family history. After many years of study, my father, Oliver R. Titchenal, wrote and self-published The Titchenal Saga, 350 years of Faith and Hope and Family Life in America. The formation of the web in the mid 1990s allowed us to share this work with Titchenals world wide at www.titchenal.com. We also added the autobiography of my grandfather, Charles E. Titchenal, Along the Santa Fe which spurred my interest in Santa Fe Railway history. I began adding additional documents and research on the Santa Fe and have since branched out to include documents from other railroads.

My interest in Ohio railroads was tweaked by bike rides and hikes on Ohio area Rails-To-Trails. After starting a web site with links to current topographic maps of these trails, I discovered a web site with historic topographic maps done in the early 1900s. Ohio maps were not available online, and I began a 2+ year project to scan and make available a complete set of these maps. This resulted in this site, railsandtrails.com, which now includes many types of maps, diagrams and publications related to Ohio area railroads.

As an educator, I appreciate sites with liberal non-commercial use policies and high resolution images. For public domain sources, this should be the norm. The high resolution DjVu images on this site are especially helpful for detailed study and use in video documentaries created by students. For more information on DjVu and exporting for re-use see my DjVu page. For information on digitizing your own project see the Digitizing page and consider using a license such as offered by Creative Commons.

There are many historical societies and libraries devoted to preserving primary source materials for future generations. If you appreciate the materials available on this and other sites, consider supporting further digitization by joining and volunteering for the societies of interest to you.

Copyright and Usage information

Materials digitized on this site may be protected by copyright, licensing and other restrictions, although many of the original artifacts are in the public domain. These artifacts were digitized for display with permission of the owners of the artifact. The website organization is the work of Stephen Titchenal ©1999-2003 (e-mail: Stephen-A@T-Titchenal.com removing the "-AT-"). The rights to the digital representations are governed by the license below, unless otherwise stated. When using material under this license, credit this site, the owner of the artifact and the creator of the artifact. Some artifact owners have their own policies for use of representations of their artifacts. For commercial or large scale re-publishing as a collection, you should contact any rights owner, owner of the artifacts and myself.

This site also links to other web sites, you must contact that site owner for any use of their materials.

The original artifacts may have copyright and other rights owned by their creator or assignee. It is the responsibility of the user to determine if anyone still holds rights to the original work and get permission from them for any purpose beyond "fair use".

In most cases, United States works published before 1923, published before 1964 and not renewed, published before 1977 without copyright notice, or published between 1977 and March 1989 without copyright notice (and not corrected within 5 years), are in the public domain. Works created by an employee of the federal government are also usually in the public domain. More information about copyright is available from the Librarian of Congress. You can search registrations and renewals after 1976 on the LOC site. (renewals after 1976 cover copyright dates ~1949 to 1963). Independently maintained indexes can be used to investigate whether a book copyright between 1923 and 1963 has been renewed: Stanford Rutgers KingKong

U.S. copyrights of maps and atlases are listed in Part 6 of the Catalog of Copyright Entries available on archive.org. A combined pdf with just the map renewals from 1951-1977 (original copyright 1923 to ~1949) can be downloaded as a zip (compressed) file. Uncompress the entire folder and open the acrobat catalog file (pdx) for fast searches of just map renewals. (OCR has not been proofread - final determination of non-renewal requires additional research)

Many of the items on this site were created by now defunct companies and determining whether anyone still owns rights and who to get permission from is difficult if not impossible. If I have included an item still copyrighted and you, as owner, feel it's inclusion is not "fair use", please contact me and I will remove it. Alternatively, I can add contact information and any restrictions you wish to place on its use.

The portions of this website that Stephen Titchenal owns rights to, are governed by the following license:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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