USGS 1900-1950 Era Topographic Maps

The United States Geological Survey, in cooperation with individual states, surveyed a large portion of the United States in the early part of the 20th Century. From these surveys, a set of 15 minute topographic quadrangles were published (and reprinted but in most cases not updated.)

USGS now has most historic topos available for free download and ESRI has created a viewing interface and a story map introduction

NETROnline's site has loaded these topos onto their site, georeferenced with their historic aerials.

Texas A&M University has 227 folios available for download as pdf, jpg or tiff files.

This list of older sources is included for historial purposes, but most USGS topographic map editions are available at the above links.

MapTech (now MyTopo) hosts 15' historic topos at as 200dpi jpegs. This volunteer project has completed the Northeastern United States (including Ohio primarly scan by myself). It includes topos not yet included in the USGS Historic Topo scanning project.

This project was originally hosted on the University of New Hampshire Diamond Library web site at New England and New York maps are still available there in jpeg format.

Northeast Ohio maps are on this web site in DjVu format at The 1950's era 7.5 minute topos are also available.

The University of Alabama has a large collection of historic topo maps online at The topo map link is at the top of the "Individual States" index page. Ohio Pennsylvania. They have many other maps types as well.

48 large scale topographic maps of Cincinnati in 1912 are available from the Office of Coast Survey, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Historic Maps and Navigation Charts Site. Search the image catalog for Cincinnati.

David Rumsey's online historic map collection includes a few topographic maps at

The Perry-Castañeda Library maintains a list of Historic Map web sites at
and online maps of some U.S. Cities at

California maps (San Francisco Area) are on the UC Berkeley Library web site at

A list of California maps (none online) is at

Nevada and selected maps from surrounding states at

Sample topographic maps of Buffalo, NY at

The 1933 Report on the Ohio Topographic Survey included information on how the survey was completed. A scan of this section is available in DjVu format.

GeoPDF PA 15': Allentown 1894 1939 1957 West 1902 1942 1957

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