U. S. Transportation Zone Maps

Prepared for
United States Department of Transportation
Federal Railroad Administrtation
Office of Policy and Program Development
Under Contract No. DOT-FR-40012

Published October 1975 with data accurate to January 1974
No Copyright indicated - U.S. Governent Publication

Maps show traffic density, signal systems and all stations as of January 1974. .

DjVU (600dpi bitonal)
Cover (81K)
All Northern Ohio pages
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Northern Ohio Zone Maps
(Railroads, Highways, Cities)
(Traffic Density, Signal Systems,
Number of Tracks, Station Names)
Zone 91 Lorain, Ohio DjVu - jpg DjVu - jpg
Zone 92 Ashtabula, Ohio DjVu - jpg DjVu - jpg
Zone 93 Youngstown, Ohio DjVu - jpg DjVu - jpg
Zone 94 Cleveland, Ohio DjVu - jpg DjVu - jpg
Zone 95 Akron, Ohio DjVu - jpg DjVu - jpg


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