Cleveland, Richfield & Akron Railway

Street Railway Journal, August 3, 1901 page 155:

The Cleveland, Richfield & Akron Railway (No. 125) is promoted by T. C. Childs, of Akron, who is having a contest with other promoters, supposed to represent the Everett-Moore syndicate, for a franchise over the same route. The route is shorter than that operated by tne Northern Ohio Traction Company (No.4). Mr. Childs was also the promoter of the Akron & Canton Railway (No. 130), which is competing with the Northern Ohio Traction Company (No. 4) for a line between Akron and Canton, both having commenced construction work. It is promoted by a strong syndicate composed of P. L. Saltenstall and C. Eldridge, of Boston; L. E. Meyers, Chicago; William Hoover, New Berlin, and Charles Kolp, J. C. Welty and A. C. Brant, of Canton. It is claimed that an extensive system is to be built which will extend from Cleveland to Columbus, by way of Canton, New Philadelphia, Canal Dover, Coshocton, Zanesville and Newark. It is supposed that some of the lines being built on this route are backed by the syndicate. Franchises have' been secured for an extension of the Canton line to New Philadelphia. A portion of this route is already covered by the Tuscarawas Railway (No. 113), which is owned by F. T. Pomeroy, of Cleveland; 10 miles of road are in operation.

[from the article The Interurban Electric Railways of Ohio by George S. Davis in Street Railway Journal, August 1901, pages 145 to 156.

(No.'s) refer to Map Showing Electric Railways of Ohio on page 147.

[Found in bound volume 18, July - December 1901: Internet Archive or Google Book]

Street Railway Journal, August 24, 1901 page 221 (Construction Notes):

CLEVELAND, OHIO.-Cuyahoga County Commissioners have agreed to grant to Daniel Gindlesperger, Arnold Green and others a franchise over the route which has been sought for by the Cleveland, Richfield & Akron Railway Company. Work must begin by by Jan. 1, 1902. Attorney Childs, of Akron, promoter of the rival company, states that he will build over a private
right of way.

Street Railway Journal, September 14, 1901 page 326 (Construction Notes):

CLEVELAND, OHIO.-The Cuyahoga County Commissioners have finally granted a twenty-five-year franchise to Daniel Gindelsperger, Fred Green and others for the construction of a second electric railway from Cleveland to Akron by way of Brecksville and Richfield. The grantees have posted a cash forfeit of $2,000 with the County Treasurer to insure the building of a portion of tbe road by July I, 1902. T. L. Childs, a competitor for the same franchise, claims he will build a road on a private right of way.

Electric World and Engineer. February 14, 1903, page 295

CLEVELAND, OHIO. - The Cleveland, Richfield & Akron Transit Company has been incorporated, with $10,000 capital stock, by Daniel Gindelsperger, S. P. Inman, J. R.Zmut. R. J.Wood and Fred W.Green. The company has been working for some time on a line between Cleveland and Akron.

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