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Delmarva District Track Charts - Courtesy of Ben Anthony - donated ot the PRRT&HS
Delmarva Delmarva Division
Delmarva Index
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1. Main Line Wilmington to Delmar
2. Little Creek Branch, 3. Cape Charles Branch, 4. Crisfield Branch, 5. Cambridge Branch
6. Rehoboth Branch, 7. Milton Branch
8. Georgetown to Snow Hill,
9. Oxford Branch, 10. Smyrna Branch
11. Centerville Branch, 12. Chestertown Branch
13. Queen Anne to Queenstown, 14. Queen Anne to Denton, 15. Easton to McDaniel, 16. Preston to Vienna, 17, Hebron to Willard, 18. Berlin to West Ocean City, 19. Mill Street Branch (all B&E RR)
19. Delaware Branch (B&E RR Wilmington Branch to Porter - Maryland District)

Note: This track chart was in sections, the second 19 appears to be from a different track chart.

Main Line
Delmar to Cape Charles
Demar to Cape Charles

Map of the Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway and the Maryland, Delaware and Virginia Railway, 1906

200dpi jpg (4MB)

Map courtesy of Pennsylvania State University Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and Geospatial Information

ICC Valuation Notes: the Baltimore and Eastern Railroad was incorporated in 1923 in the interests of the Pennsylvania Railroad to acquire these lines.

  • MD&V Main Line in MD is Valuation Section 1, sheets 1 (Love Point) to 40 (DE border west of Hickman), Centreville Branch is sheets 41-46. Main Line in DE is Valuation Section 2, sheets 1 (Hickman) to 34A (Lewes - Delaware Bay). Portions sold under forclosure to the Balitmore & Eastern Railroad in 1923
  • BC&A Main Line in MD is Valuation Section 1, sheets 1 (Claiborne) to 88A (Ocean City). Sold under forclosure to the Balitmore & Eastern Railroad in 1928.
  • Additional sections cover property for docks in DE, MD and VA.

see Coverdale & Colpitts V4 Affiliated Lines available online at the Hagley Digital Archives

Interstate Commerce Commission, Bureau of Valuation

Map of the Pennsylvania Railroad in the states of New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland, 1918

Showing valuation section numbers.

200 dpi jpg (1MB)

Index map courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration, College Park MD.

Most valuation maps available from the Pennsylvania Railroad Historical and Technical Society Lewistown Archives and/or the National Archives.

Delmarva Abandonments

Pennsylvania Railroad Delmarva Map with abandoments labeled. .5MB PDF (from microfilm)

courtesy of the State Library of Pennsylvania, PA Historical & Museum Archives, MG-286 Penn Central RR Collection, Maps & Atlases (PC-94)

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