Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad
P&LE Division and Branches
Track Chart


Original date unknown. Some labels updated to Conrail era but still shows water tanks, PB&NC St. Ry. bridge.
P&LE Track Chart

275 - 400 dpi DjVu and bitonal PDF (.4 - 2 MB@)

  • Title Map Legend DjVu PDF
  • Pittsburgh to Aliquippa: DjVu PDF
  • Aliquippa to W. Ellwood Junction DjVu PDF
  • W. Ellwood Junction to Edinburg DjVu PDF
  • Edinburg to Youngstown DjVu PDF
  • LE&E Youngstown Branch DjVu PDF
  • Lowellville Branches DjVu PDF
  • Ellwood City/New Castle Branches DjVu PDF
  • Ohio River Branch/Beaver Valley RR DjVu PDF

Map 200 dpi jpg (390K)




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