Scioto Valley Transit Company

The Scioto Valley Traction Company (SVTC) was incorporated on September 8, 1899. A. W. Jones, was hired as engineer for the SVTC in December 1900. He was in charge of surveys and construction work on the Chilicothe and Lancaster Divisions until September 1905 when the line to Chillicothe was completed and in operation.The grading began in the Spring of 1901 and the first electric car was run over the Lancaster Divison on July 19, 1904 with regular service beginning on July 24, 1904. On August 5, 1904, two hour service was established on the Chillicothe Division from South Parsons Avenue to Circleville. Regular hourly service to Riverside Street in Chillicothe began on August 26, 1905. Track was extended and service started to Main Street on Bridge Street in Chillicothe on October 15, 1908.

The SVTC used a third rail for power rather than the more common overhead wire. The SVTC name was changed to the Scioto Valley Railway & Power Company (SVR&PC) on June 1, 1923. On March 1, 1928 the power house of the SVR&PC was abandoned and power was purchased from the Picway plant of the Columbus Railway, Power & Light Company. Passenger and freight service was discontinued on September 30, 1930, except for freight hauls between Groveport and the Picway Generating Plant. All coal and other material for the Picway plant came to Groveport on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (former Hocking Valley Railway), and to Obetz on the Norfolk & Western Railway. The last car on the Lancaster Division, No. 114, left Lancaster for Columbus at 7:05PM on September 30. The last car on the Chilicothe Division out of Chillicothe was at 7:30PM. The SVR&PC name was changed to the Ohio-Midland Light and Power Company (OML&P) on March 12, 1932. The OML&P was merged with the South Central Power Company in 1962.


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Right of Way Maps

all maps scanned at 100 DPI
Chillicothe Division
South Columbus to Franklin-Pickaway County Line (PDF 3.15MB) including Rees (Walnut Heights), Sharp, Miner, and Guthrie. also shows adjacent O&E Canal and locks, and Norfolk & Western Railway.
Franklin-Pickawy County Line to Ashville (PDF 1.9MB) including Midway, Davis, Duvall, Gray, Griffith, Lockbourne and Midway. also shows adjacent O&E Canal and locks, and Norfolk & Western Railway.
Ashville to Circleville (PDF 3MB) including Rhoads, Hagerty, Bells, Fairview, Voorheis, Sheldon and Park Place. also shows nearby O&E Canal at Bells, and adjacent Norfolk & Western Railway.
Circleville to Kingston (PDF 2.7MB) including Cameron, Miller, Dorney, Hayesville, Hooven, Lorbach and Elmwood. also shows adjacent Norfolk & Western Railway.

Kingston to Chillicothe: left side (PDF 1.9MB) right side (PDF 1.8MB) including Jones, Courtright, Kinnikinnick, Hinman, Delano, Hopetown, Franklin amd Mancourt. also shows adjacent Norfolk & Western Railway.

Midway to Picway (PDF .8MB) extension to Columbus & Southern Electric Company Picway Power Plant south of Lockbourne
Lancaster Division
Obetz Junction to Canal Winchester (PDF 3.4MB) including Humboldt, Bright, Burdell, Groveport, Rager and Prentiss. also shows adjacent O&E Canal and locks, and Hocking Valley Railway
Canal Winchester to Carroll (PDF 2.6MB) including Waterloo, King, Jefferson, Becker, Lockville, Springs and Peters. also shows adjacent O&E Canal and locks, and Hocking Valley Railway
Carroll to Lancaster (PDF 2.7MB) including Jackson Lane, Buckeye, Columbia Park, Hooker, Camp Gound, and Stewart. also shows adjacent Hocking Canal and locks, and Hocking Valley Railway
Courtesy of the Ross County Engineer's Map Room
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