Southern Railway
Southern Field

New Series #9

Ceramic Resources Issue

300-600 dpi DjVu bitonal or scanned
16 pages

In this edition, complimentary to the American Ceramic Association, the Southern Field extends hearty greetings to the members of the association on the occasion of its meeting in the South.

We seek to present herein information relating to clays and other minerals of interest to the ceramic industries, accessible to the railway lines which form the Southern Railway System.

The rapid growth of the South in population, and in productive enterprise, is the subject of widespread comment. While the expansion of the cotton mill industry is the subject of most frequent comment, industrial growth has been and is now rapidly proceeding along lines of great diversity. There remains a great opportunity for utilizing an abundant supply of untouched raw materials suitable for the manufacture of ceramics, as well as a great variety of mineral and chemical products.

We have a good home market for all of these products, and a system of transportation that permits access to all domestic markets, as well as to markets abroad.

The proximity of the South to Latin American countries gives this section a particular advantage in the development of trade relations with Mexico, Central America, South America, as well as with the West Indies. Short routes to the South Atlantic and Gulf ports afford equal opportunity for the development of commerce with all parts of the world.

An abundance of cheap fuel; excellent labor conditions, and the best of climate, all suggest advantages, coupled with the abundant supply of raw materials, that should make the South the center of the ceramic industry.

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