Cleveland, Coshocton & Zanesville Railroad
Report on the Preliminary Surveys
for the Cleveland, Coshocton & Zanesvile Railroad Company

by W. E. Ferguson, Civil Engineer.

Printed by Sanford & Hayward, 17 Superior Street, Cleveland: 1853.

300 dpi DjVu bitonal (11 pages - ~40K@)

Proposal seeking funding to build a branch road from the Cleveland and Columbus Railroad at Grafton through Lodi to Wooster following the Black and Killbuck rivers. The proposal talks of continuing the railroad to Millersburg, Coshocton, Zanesville and even Cincinnati. This proposal appears to be a response to the the Akron Branch of the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad already being constructed but bypassing Wooster.

The C,C&Z Railroad was never built, although the Cleveland, Wooster & Muskingum Valley (B&O Wooster branch completed in 1890) follows a similar route between Lodi and Wooster and on to Millersburg. The Cleveland, Akron and Columbus Railroad (referred to as the Akron Branch in this proposal) completed a branch in 1888 from Killbuck (near Millersburg) south to Trinway and connected with the Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley Railway to Zanesville and Cincinnati. Thus, the only section of the proposal that was not eventually built was from Lodi to Grafton.

Scanned courtesy Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library - Fremont, Ohio


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