Peabody Atlas 1906
Shipping Mines and Coal Railroads

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Textual Pages - List of Coal Mines
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Title - Preface - Contents
Central Competitive Bituminous Coal Field
Commercial Importance of Coal Production
Operators of Coal Mines (listed in order based on numbers assigned on maps)
the following two sections contain the same information but different organization
| Locations of Coal Mines | Coal Railways | (not all pages scanned)
Smokeless Furnaces and Smoke Suppression
Improvements in Boilers for the Purpose of Securing High Efficiency
Analysis of Combustion Gases and Manipulation of Fires


In 1902 this company issued a large wall map, showing the coal measure areas of Illinois and Indiana, upon which the location of each of the shipping mines was indicated. The map was accompanied by a bound volume containing tabulated lists arranged upon the same plan as those in this issue of the atlas. This publication was followed in 1903 by a similar one in improved form. Until the time that these were issued, there was nothing which furnished adequate information concerning the mines of the two states, and these publications were received with such favor by railway officials, coal producers and consumers, as to cause the publisher to issue this volume, which is on a more extended scale, including a much larger territory, the coal fields of seven states being covered, five of which, those of Ohio, Michigan, Western Kentucky, Iowa and Missouri, for the first time. This very large territory has required a different treatment; instead of a separate wall map, as formerly issued, it has been necessary to make maps of a size suited to binding with the text, which has made it possible to present the matter under one cover and in the convenient size of a single volume.

For the purpose of enlarging the usefulness and value of the volume, various technical information concerning coal has been added, and this department includes among other features, a brief description of the geology of each coal field; detailed treatment of the various coal seams, giving their different names and numbers, together with relative importance and localities where mining in them is most active; chemical analyses showing relative composition of fuel from the different states, a feature of special importance, as thus far no comprehensive and reliable compilations have been made, the various values given showing mine run coal at its best composition.

As the proper utilization of coal is of equal or even greater importance to the consumer than its selection, attention is given to methods for manipulation and management of fires, and the determination of conditions of combustion by .chemical analysis of the chimney gases is treated of in sufficient detail to enable the engineer or fireman to avail himself of this important means of securing economical results in use of fuel, and the essential instruments required are illustrated and described.

One of the most important requirements of the present day is smokeless combustion of bituminous coal, therefore several types of the best forms of smokeless boiler furnaces have been illustrated, several of which are entirely new and represent the very highest type of smokeless and economical apparatus.

Former technical publications of this company have been issued for complimentary circulation and not offered for sale. This resulted, however, in their not being listed or carried in stock by book dealers, and for this reason were not brought to the notice of many people who would have found them useful. Therefore, a price has been put upon this volume, that it may, in the regular channels of the book trade, be available to the general public. There is no expectation of profit from sales, however, because the cost of publication is greater than the price of the book, and if it proves as acceptable to the public as other publication issued by this company, the publisher shall feel fully compensated for the effort.


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