Pennsylvania Railroad
June 19, 1952 Inspection Trip
Day 3: Columbus to New York

Track Charts, Maps and Yard Plans

PRR Track Charts circa 1952
Columbus, Ohio to Morrisville, New Jersey

in one PDF (25MB) or as

individual 300 dpi DjVu bitonal ~250K@

Columbus to Conesville
mp 191-130
Conesville to Cadiz Jct mp 129-66
Cadiz Jct to Pittsburgh mp 65-0
Pennsylvania Main Line
Pittsburgh to Torrance mp 341-298
Torrance to Altoona mp 298-236
Altoona to Lewistown mp 237-168
Lewistown to Marysville mp 168-110
Marysville to Parkesburg mp 48-114
Parkesburg to Morrisville mp 48-0, 88-58

Route of Trip

Columbus & Vicinity Map
600dpi jpg (1.5MB) or DjVu scanned bitonal
Philadelphia & Vicinity Map
450dpi jpg (8.5MB) or DjVu bitonal (533K)

Columbus, Ohio June 1948 600 dpi jpg or DjVu bitonal (189K)
Philadelphia Greenwich Yard & Proposed Ore Pier
150 dpi jpg (777K) or DjVu photo (606K)

PRR Panhandle Division

Elimination of Clearance Restrictions at Tunnels 4 to 10, inclusive, between Burgettstown, PA and Dennison, OH, in 1943 and 1950.


Tunnels 6 to 10 - 450dpi jpg (3.1MB) or bitonal DjVu - (160K)

Gould (Tunnel #5) and Bertha (Tunnel #4) - 450dpi jpg (2.5MB) DjVu bitonal (125K)


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