Pennsylvania Railroad
Indusrtrial Directory

Containing a list of Merchants and Manufacturers
classified according to the commodities which they ship or receive

This Industrial Directory has been prepared for the purpose of classifying the various articles, manufactured, shipped, received or consumed by patrons of the Pennsylvania Railroad System. It is a medium through which our patrons may either find markets for their products or secure information as to where certain commodities may be purchased.
In view·of the great number of industries served by the Pennsylvania Railroad System, it was thought expedient to omit from the Directory establishments engaged only in retail business.
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Abreviations for type of company, and whether they are a shipper (s) or receiver (r) of that product via the Pennsylvania Railroad.

  • r = Receiver.
  • s = Shipper.


  • (A) Manufactnrer.
  • (B) Wholesaler or jobber.
  • (C) Stone quarry or sand or gravel pit.
  • (D) Warehouse.
  • (E) Contractor.
  • (F) Electric light and power plant.
  • (G) Grower

Open the "PRR Industrial Directory Index.pdx" file to use the full text index using Acrobat Reader (free) or the commercial Acrobat Pro.

Search Example: Mifflin, Pa.Mifflin Search

Note that OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is not perfect. The "M" is sometimes not correctly indentified in this example and a search would not find these instances of Milford, Mount or Morrisville

Sample search for ifflin, Pa, leaving off the "M" in Mifflin finds additional entries for Mifflin, Pa..
ifflin Search

Clicking on "Mifflin, Pa.,. r Royal Rug Mills" displays the match under Yarn - Cotton - Linens:


It can be assumed that Royal Rug Mills received yarn, probably via box car delivered by the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Although the directory does not list the source of yarn for Royal Rug Mills, the next entry shows that Scientific Textile Co., a Wholesaler (B) in Morrisville, Pa. both ships and receives yarn.

A Google search for "Royal Rug Company" indentifies John G. Clements as the promoter of the company locating a 12,000 square foot plant in Mifflin in 1917.

The 1925 Sanborn Insurance Map for Mifflin sheet 5 shows the John G. Clements Co. Rug & Carpet Mfg. plant next to the W.H. Manbeck Co. Flour Mill with its own siding. Based on other entries in this directory, Manbeck ships and receives feed, oats and straw; and receives salt via the PRR. Since Royal Rug Mills does not have its own siding, it would probably take delivery of the yarn at the Mifflin Freight Station.

See Jerry Britton's On Location series for more information on Mifflin Pa.

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