Pennsylvania Railroad Company

Inspection of Physical Property
By Board of Directors
November 10-11-12, 1948
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Pennsylvania Railroad Chicago to New York (300 dpi DjVu - 234K )

Pennsylvania Railroad Chicago to Columbus (300 dpi DjVu - 85K )

Pennsylvania Railroad St. Louis to Pittsburgh (300 dpi DjVu - 128K )

Comparative Profile of the New York - Chicago Routes of the
New York Central
Baltimore and Ohio

Profiles show elevation and grades over the length of the route. Steeper grades require helper engines, and thus additional time and expense. Shorter routes, other things being equal, would be faster and cheaper to operate. The New York Central route was known as the "Water Level Route" because it choose a northerly route along the Hudson and Mohawk rivers and the Great Lakes that avoided the Appalachian Mountains.

100dpi jgp (230K)


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