Abe's Pittsburgh District Pilot Maps
Pennsylvania Railroad 1943



Published by Frederick "Abe" Goodrich in 1943

This assembly of maps of the several yards with in the Pittsburgh District is intended only for the engine and train crews who have to work in these yards and are not thorougly familiar with the layout of the serveral tracks and their usage.

600dpi PDF (5MB)

p00 Cover
p01 Preface
p02 Pittsburgh District Pilot Map
p03 Pittsburgh Passenger Yard
p04 30th St 'OB' Yard (SS)
p05 Howard Yard
p06 Thompson Yard
p07 Peters Creek Yard
p08 Scully Yard
p09 Allegheny (NS) Yard
p10 Conway Yard East End
p11 Conway Yard West End
p12 Wilkinsburg Yard
p13 East Pittsburgh Yard
p14 Pitcairn Yard West End
p15 Pitcairn Yard East End
p16 43rd St. Yard & 11th St Produce Yard
p17 Valley Tracks
p18 Sharpsburg Yard
p19 Key

Courtesy of Chip Syme


Note: 'Abe' also published graphic charts of Pennsylvania Locomotives,
Texas-Type Locomotives and Pennsylvania Air Brakes


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