Lake Erie and Pittsburgh Railway Company

The LE&P was chartered April 30, 1903 to build a railroad from Youngstown, Ohio to Lorain, Ohio, 91 miles and a branch to Cleveland of 29 miles.

Work was suspended in the fall of 1904 after the line was located, some property acquired and grading begun.

The LE&P was purchased by the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern (LS&MS) in the spring of 1905 for $1,050,000. The line location was changed to connect Marcy, Ohio on the LS&MS and Brady Lake, Ohio on the Pennsylvania's Cleveland and Pittsburgh line.

An agreement between the LS&MS (soon to be part of the New York Central) and the Pennsylvania on January 10, 1908, split construction costs equally but operating costs and taxes would be in proportion to use.

According to the 1910 Poor's Manual of Railroads, the branch from Mill Creek Junction (near Cleveland) to a point S.E., 27.42 miles, was completed by June 1, 1910. The Cleveland Short Line to which it connects was constructed between 1910 and 1912. The LE&P was opened for service on October 15, 1911, according to Burgess and Kennedy. It was never used by the Pennsylvania, but the New York Central used it for freight service with trackage rights at Brady Lake with the Pennsylvania and Baltimore and Ohio. Construction included three high trestles crossing the Brandywine Creek, Tinkers Creek and Mill Creek valleys.

In addition, some trackage was in place in the Lorain area from 1917 until 1937. Bridge abutments and remains of the roadbed can be found in the French Creek Metropark (Lorain County).

Soon after the merger of the New York Central and Pennsylvania in 1968, the line was abandoned and the high trestles removed. The Cleveland and Akron Metroparks have converted most of the line into a bike and hike trail.


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