Evolution of New York Central Railroad
Published by the New York Central Railroad circa 1915
17 double pages 600 dpi DjVU scanned (50-150K@)

The New York Central Railroad

The New York Central Railroad as now constituted represents 186 predecessor companies, and the final consolidation of these companies on December 23, 1914, created one of the greatest railroad organizations in the United States, and at the same time planted an important landmark in the history of railroad transportation.

Each of these constituent companies, large and small, passed through many vicissitudes of construction and financing; struggles with popular opinions and laws; until finally a great transportation machine was completed for the public good.

A brief sketch of this evolution of The New York Central Railroad, from its beginning to the present time, may be of interest to those who have been the students of the development, and especially to those who have participated in it for so many years with heart, mind and money.


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