NMRA Clinics July 2014
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad History Researching Prototype Material

An Ohio coal hauler with roots back to 1853 and entry into Cleveland in 1882. Explore the W&LE history and right-of-way using historic photos, maps and modern geographic data.

Use modern Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and extensive historical sources to scene and plan a model railroad based on prototypes.  Also learn about the ICC nationwide railroad valuation maps started in 1916-1918 and projects to digitize and organize these documents.  Utilizing right-of-way drawings with GIS elevation data, historic maps and aerial photos to understand terrain and track arrangements of a railroad to model.  The author uses digital railroad research sources and physical archives, and maintains the RailsandTrails.com website

Monday July 14 8:30PM Tuesday July 15 9:00AM
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