Researching Prototype Material

Use modern Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and extensive historical sources to scene and plan a model railroad based on prototypes.  Also learn about the ICC nationwide railroad valuation maps started in 1916-1918 and projects to digitize and organize these documents.  Utilizing right-of-way drawings with GIS elevation data, historic maps and aerial photos to understand terrain and track arrangements of a railroad to model.  The author uses digital railroad research sources and physical archives, and maintains the website

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NMRA Cleveland Convention 2014 Clinic Handout

GIS Historic Railroad Projects:

Valuation Map Collections

  • Check State, County, and Township Departments such as Engineer, Recorder, GIS, Economic Development, Map. Some have been scanned and are online.
    Allen County, OH | Belmont County, OH
  • Many railroad historical societies have linens or paper copies in their archives. Often they are being scanned and made available on DVD or via the web.
  • National Archives and Records Administration College Park, MD ICC Records

General Map, Geology and Aerial Photo Collections



Searching for Online Primary Source Documents:

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