Ohio Highway Maps

State of Ohio Highway Department

Highway Maps of the Counties of Ohio

December 1909

Copyright 1910

County Maps were used as the basis of the 1914 Archeological Atlas of Ohio. They have not been re-scanned from this original Atlas.

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Highway Maps of Ohio

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The county road maps contained in this atlas were prepared under legislative authority provided in the item of the general appropriation bill passed at the last session of the General Assembly, appropriating five thousand dollars for this purpose. In making arrangements for doing the work it was at first intended to rent and equip suitable rooms and to employ the draftsmen required, but it soon became apparent that the cost of doing the work in this way would exceed the amount appropriated. On inquiry it was ascertained that a sufficient number of draftsmen could be obtained from among the students and graduates of the Ohio State University to do this work during the summer vacation, and permission was granted to use the drawing rooms and equipment at the university. The maps were drawn under the direction of Professor C. E. Sherman, of the civil engineering department.

The work has been based on the topographic maps of the United States Geological Survey and these have been traced from direct so far as they were available. However, as only some seventy per cent of the total area of the state has been completely mapped topographically by the Federal Bureau, and as only thirty-five per cent of the counties are completely covered by these maps, this accurate data had to be supplemented by such other data as could be obtained. Where the data from which the tracings were made were published prior to 1905, blue prints were made and sent to county surveyors and other interested persons in the different counties, with the request that they check the roads as shown on the map, and a great amount of valuable assistance was received in this way. Blue prints were also sent to the steam and electric railroad companies in the state, with the request that they correct the maps in regard to the location of their lines, and without exception these companies responded. The authority on which the maps are based and the names of the persons who did the checking are given in a table to be found herein.

The maps as now completed furnish the most reliable information that has ever been compiled regarding the roads of Ohio, and the best it is possible to obtain without actual surveys. Using these maps as a basis, it is intended to compile information regarding the condition of the roads, and-in subsequent editions to show in colors those that have been improved. The maps are arranged in alphabetical order, and on that account an index has not been considered necessary.

The thanks of the Highway Department are due to Mr. W. H. Herron, and other officials of the United States Geological Survey, for furnishing photographs of all the road traverse maps made during the present year, together with other data; to Colonel William Rossell, Corps of Engineers, U. S. A., for furnishing maps of the Ohio River; to the various officials of the steam and electric railways of the state for locating their lines carefully on the maps; and to many county engineers and other persons who have furnished data and checked the maps after they were drawn.


scanned courtesy of the State Library of Ohio

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