Moody's Manual of Public Utilities
Year Company Map (PDF ~1MB@)
1913 West Penn Traction
1914 Chicago Railways
Interborough Rapid Transit
New York Municipal Railway
Pittsburgh Railways
United Light & Railways
1917 Cleveland Railway
New York State Railways
Republic Railway & Light (Penn-Ohio)
West Penn System
1918 Pennsylvania-Ohio Power & Light
1921 Cleveland Railway
1923 American Waterworks and Electric (West Penn)
Connecticut Company System
Penn Public Service
Republic Railway & Light (Penn-Ohio)
Third Avenue Railway (NY)
1924 Penn Pubic System
Moody's does not appear to have renewed the copyright on their Manuals until issues pubished in the second half of the 20th Century. Search Stanford Copyright Renewal Database.
The maps have been scanned at a higher resolution than is available with complete book scans available from other sources. Search, HathiTrust and Google Books.

Courtesy Cleveland Public Library

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