Hixson Plat Maps
Ohio Townships

W. W. Hixson & Company
Rockford, Illinois

These plat maps were published without dates or copyright notice, but are believed to be from the 1920s and 1930s.

The W. W. Hixson Company published an Ohio Atlas around 1925 with individual County maps and Township plat maps.

Individual county plat map books were issued for multiple dates in the 1930's and perhaps the 1940's. Cleveland Public Library has an incomplete set of Ohio counties from the early 1930's. The State Library of Ohio has a complete set of Ohio counties from the later 1930's. Other Ohio libraries have individual county books.

Townships completely part of a city were not published.Within city boundaries, property ownership was not shown. Roads, Railroads and Interurban rights of way are shown.

Sidwell Studio, Lombard, Illinois, purchased Hixson's stock of plat maps. They updated some of the plat maps into the 1940s. The Sidwell Company is still in business and publishes current plat maps and aerial photos of midwestern states.

Rockford Map Publishers also publishes plat maps of counties in midwestern states. They sell current and retrospective historical plat maps from the 1960's and 1970's for a few Ohio counties.


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