Jacks Mountain Quarry Map

Harbison-Walker Ganister District
Mapleton to Mount Union
Huntington County, PA

serving the Harbison-Walker Refractories in Mount Union, PA


H-W Ganister District Map 13MB PDF (150 dpi)
aproximately 100" x 70"

Drawn in the early 20th Century and updated through the 1930's as noted on the map.

Map courtesy of Joe Clark
Donated to the PRRT&HS


Map of the ganister district drawn by Stephen Titchenal for Tracks Around Mount Union by Frank Kyper. Purchase the book from the FEBT store.

Portions of the former quarry on the north side of Jacks Mountain are part of the Standing Stone Trail, including the Thousand Steps constructed by the quarry workers in the 1930s to access the quarries.

Harbison-Walker Refractories Co.
Modern Refractory Practice 1929 (2MB PDF)
selected pages showing Mount Union Refractories and Quarry.
copyright not believed to have been renewed
scanned courtesy of CWRU Library

Historic Engineering Record

H-W Railroad

Top and bottom sections of the map were scanned at the Cleveland Digital Public Library using the I2S SupraScan Quartz A0

Middle section scanned using the HP 4600 scanner
I2S SupraScan HP 4600

The map is aproximately 100" x 70". The maximum width that can be scanned at one time on the I2S is 34". The top and bottom 34 x 100 inches were each scanned in 3 sections and stitched together. The middle 2+ inches of the map could not be scanned, and were initially photographed in multiple sections using a hand held camera. Aligning these middle sections from photographs proved difficult. The middle was then scanned in 11 overlapping sections (8.5 x 11" @) using a discontinued HP 4600 scanner that sits on top of the map. Because the map top and bottom sections were not completely flat when scanned, there were some minor alignment issues between the 3 scan paths (top, middle and bottom). These scan paths were aligned using Photoshop's Puppet Warp and Layer Masking features. The color differences between the two scanners were not adjusted so it is clear where they were joined.

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