Historic Chicago Railroad Maps

Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad System Map circa 1960
Present and Proposed C&O Freight Route and trackage rights
legend route colors not marked on this copy
200 dpi DjVu bitonal
200 dpi greyscale (2.1MB)

Chicago Tunnel Terminal Company
Map showing tunnel connections. 1925 revised to 1937

300 dpi DjVu bitonal (477K)
300 dpi jpg color (2.8MB)


Chicago Tunnel Company (Wikipedia)

Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad
Harrison Street to 22nd Street Track Map
Dearborn Station
including AT&SF (Santa Fe) facilities.
Dec 1953, revised to April 19, 1965
Map 111.12.18

200 dpi DjVu bitonal (507K)
200 dpi jpg color (3.2MB)

C&WI - Dearborn Station (Wikipedia)


Scanned courtesy of John Benson's Slides and shared under fair use for educational and historical purposes.


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