Canton, Ohio

Pennsylvania Railroad Canton and Vicinity Map 1922 revised to 1944

150 dpi DjVu photo (1300K)

donated to Cleveland State University Special Collections



Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago (PRR) 1916 Valuation Map
Canton Yard & Shops revised to 1935

300 dpi bitonal PDF (1MB)

Courtesy of Stark County Engineer

Canton Switching District

W&LE Canton Switching District 1941 revised to 1947

150 dpi PDF (3MB)

Courtesy of John Beach, donated to the NKPH&TS

Canton Val Map V2d/ST3

W&LE diagrams

  • Valuation Map V-2d/S.T.3 (1918) showing City of Canton urban renewal project boundaries (1963) djvu (400K) jpg (2.25M)
    Google Earth overlay: network link
  • Beldon Spur (1960) jpg (900K)
  • Canton Belt (1956) jpg (2MB)
  • Canton (1952) jpg (1.9MB)

Scanned courtesy of John Benson's Slides and shared under fair use for educational and historical purposes.



Stark County 1896

1896 Stark County Atlas (Ohio Map and Atlas Co.)

page 21 Stark County 150 dpi jpg (.7MB)
page 22 Canton Township 150 dpi jpg (.9MB
page 52-3 Cleveland Canton & Southern Shops 150 dpi jpg (1.3MB)

Courtesy of Stark County Public Library


Canton area 7.5' topographic maps from 1958

see also
Canton area 15' topographic maps from early 1900s
W&LE track charts for Cleveland Division: 1900 1963
W&LE 1947 Inspection Trip (pdf)
1930 Hixson Stark County township maps
1896 Stark County township maps



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