Mauch Chunk View Book

circa 1890

Souvenir of Mauch Chunk
Glen Onoko
Switch Back R. R.

Switzerland of America, Mauch Chunk, Pa.


Mauch Chunk from Switch-back Station

300 dpi DjVu photo (377K)

Looking down Mt. Pisgah Plane


Homward Bound on the Switch-Back


300 dpi DjVu photo (410K)

Car Ascending the Plane Mt. Jefferson


Mt. Pisgah Plane, Length 2,341 ft. 664 ft. high, 1500 ft. above Tide Water.

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St. Marks Episcopal Church


Susquehanna Street

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Home Stretch - Three miles.

Two miles Turn


Mt. Jefferson Plane, length 2,070 ft. 462 ft. high, 1662 ft. above tide water.

The Old Armory and Summit Hill.


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Prospect Rock

Mauch Chunk Looking East


Packers Point Glen Onoko

Cascade at Pulpit Rocks


300 dpi DjVu photo (311K)

Rustic Stair Case.


Pulpit Rocks.


300 dpi DjVu photo (362K)

Falls of Onoko.


Chameleon Falls.


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American House.

Burning Mine Summit Hill..

Coal Breaker.

Mansion House.

300 dpi DjVu photo (275K)

Lehigh Gap and Packerton from Bear Mountain.

View north from Mt. Pisgah Trestle..

The Lehigh from the Bridge.

Mauch Chunk, Looking West.

300 dpi DjVu photo (317K)

Bear Mountain, from Prospect Rock


Lehigh Valley Depot.

300 dpi DjVu photo (318K)

Mauch Chunk, from Flagstaff.


Bird's Eye View of Mauch Chunk from Bear Mountain.

300 dpi DjVu photo (305K)

Courtesy Cleveland Public Library Special Collections


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