Hoopeston, Illinois Station Drawings

Lake Erie & Western Railroad
Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad

Drawings dated July 7, 1901
Frost & Granger, Architects

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Drawing #2
Floor Plan

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1932 Joint Depot Drawing 1932
Construction/Removal revised to 1951

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Retire Portion of Joint Station Building

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Track Retirement
Valuation Map
1929 revised to 1958
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HOOPESTON, ILL. (M. P. 302.4)
Population —1950 census —5,992.
Passing siding —capacity 96 cars.
C&EI (Chicago to Evansville) crossing. NKP is senior road. Interlocking and station facilities are owned jointly. Eastward approach signal operative. Westward approach signal inoperative. C&EI operates and maintains interlocking and NKP pays 50% of maintenance and 1/3 of wages of levermen.
Number of loaded cars interchanged with C&EI during 1953: Delivered 3,449. Received 2,423.
Stokely Brothers, American Can Company and others have large canning plants here.
source: LE&W 1954 Line Description

Scanned courtesy of John Benson's Slides and shared for educational and historical purposes under "fair use".

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