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This page is being updated to organize the digitization of ICC documents related to railroads.

The 1915-1920 ICC valuation of common carrier railroads and subsequent revisions documenting changes is the primary focus of the digitiation projects I am involved in. A majority of the digitized files will be available from historical societies rather than directly on this website. Additional support provided by a R&LHS Research Fellowship.

As time permits, files shared on this website in the djvu format will be converted to pdf or jpg formats.

My experience researching railroads at the National Archives

Valuation Maps

National Archives Finding Aids

ICC Specifications for Maps and Profiles 1914 Google Books

The American Railway Engineering Association
"Conventional Signs for Use on Topographical, Right-of-Way and Track Maps"
identifies most symbols used on the maps.

Railroad markup abreviations on some revisions:
PE# = Project Envelope #, AFE# = Authorization for Expenditure #

Maps available on this website
NYCS Indexes
PRRT&HS Valuation Map Collection

ELHS Erie and DL&W Valuation Map Collection (on DVD and indexed)

A Web-Based Index of Historical Valuation Maps for the Erie Railroad
(Flewelling, M. B. [2014], Master's thesis, University of Redlands)

Search for Scanned Valuation Maps
Note: being replaced. Available in current form until the end of 2020.

Engineering Notes & Final Reports

National Archives Engineering Notes Finding Aids

National Archives Engineering Reports

ICC Reports
1887 - 1995

Abandonment Decisions in Finance Dockets
Coal Reserves and Serving Railroads PA,WV,OH 1957

Railroad Abandonments 1920-1943

Valuation Dockets

#1022 New York Central Railroad (Development of Physical Property)
Valuation Testimony - Depreciation 1927 (djvu)

National Archives: ICC | Senate Commerce
ICC Indexes: Mike Good | Bob Netzlof

On January 1, 1996, the ICC Termination Act of 1995 (Pub. L. No. 104-88) abolished the Interstate Commerce Commission and established within the Department of Transportation the Surface Transportation Board (STB). The STB is charged with performing a number of functions previously performed by the ICC, including the issuance of the decisions of the Board which were previously issued by the ICC.



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