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The ICC valuation section numbering is useful when searching for specific railroad rights of way. Section numbers were assigned to each railroad's line or portion of line by state. The ICC created index maps by railroad, or by region for larger railroads. The first section map sheet often included a detailed index map showing the location of each map sheet. These are available in a two binder photocopy set at NARA II in the Cartography Division. Selected scanned images are available. A spreadsheet from NARA listing railroads val sections and bundle numbers can be download as an xlsx (Excel) or csv (comma separated text) file. State information was not complete and I am updating it.

A simple example is the East Broad Top Railroad. There were 4 valuation sections, the first covering the main line, and the rest covering the branches. You can view the index map and the individual maps for the EBT -- including a number scanned at NARA. A search of the spreadsheet finding aid would turn up:

Bundle RRName Other RR State VS Type
276 East Broad Top   PA 001 O
276 East Broad Top   PA 002 O
276 East Broad Top   PA 003 O
276 East Broad Top   PA 004 O
430 East Broad Top   PA 001 R
430 East Broad Top   PA 001BB R
430 East Broad Top   PA 002 R
430 East Broad Top   PA 003 R

Because there are not many sheets in each section, the entire EBT is in one bundle #. Other railroads are also included in the same bundle and folder. Note the different bundle # for the type "O" original and "R" revised maps.

A pull slip for the EBT revised main line maps would need the following information:

RG NO: 134
Record Identification:
Bundle 430: REVISED Railroad Valuation Maps: East Broad Top Railroad & Coal Co v001-PA

A more complicated example is the Pennsylvania Railroad. An enlargement of the PRR Pennsylvania index map of the Philadelphia area shows....

PRR Philadelphia

The section numbering began with #1 in Philadelphia at Broad Street Station and continued west. The PRR assigned subsection numbers to branches in the area of each main line section, which is why "etc." is added to some section numbers on the map. The NARA spreadsheet usually lists only the main section number but the subsections should also be in the bundle folders.

The PRR controlled or operated a number of other railroads. Many of these also began with section 1. This is especially true of the Philadelphia area. The abreviation above the section on the map indicates one of these railroads. It is important that the correct railroad name(s) and state is specified along with the section number. Note: C Ry Co. is the Connecting Railway Co. The spreadsheet index lists a railroad named "Connecting" with a cross reference to Pennsylvania Railroad bundle 910 but with no section or state listed.

Bundle RRName Other RR State VS Type
890 Pennsylvania Railroad   PA 001 O
966 Philadelphia Baltimore and Washington   PA 001 O
910 Pennsylvania Railroad Connecting      
915 Pennsylvania Railroad Belvidere Delaware NJ 001 O
917 Pennsylvania Railroad Northern Central PA 001 O
919 Pennsylvania Railroad Philadelphia and Trenton PA 001 O
919 Pennsylvania Railroad Philadelphia Camden Ferry   001 O
920 Pennsylvania Railroad United New Jersey Railroad and Canal NJ 001 O
877 Pennsylvania and Altantic Pennsylvania NJ 001 O
919 Pennsylvania Philadelphia & Trenton PA 001 O

A pull slip for the P&T maps would include the following:

RG NO: 134
Record Identification:
Bundle 919: Pennsylvania Railroad Valuation Maps: Philadelphia & Trenton v001-PA

See Valuation Map Numbering FAQ and Valuation Map Numbering Conventions for details on valuation map numbering.

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