NARA ICC Valuation
Final Engineering Reports

As part of the ICC Railroad Valuation, Engineeering Reports were organized by Accounts. These summarized the costs of the railroad's physical plant and equipment. Account summaries for Tunnels, Bridges, Buildings, Water Stations, Fuel Stations, Shops and Signals usually included summaries of each individual structure. If you are looking for statistics on structures at the time of the ICC valuation, these final reports can be very useful.

Summary of Accounts in the Final Engineering Reports
  • 1 Engineering
  • 3 Grading
  • 5 Tunnels and Subways
  • 6 Bridges, Trestles and Culverts
  • 8 Ties
  • 9 Rails
  • 10 Other Track Materials
  • 11 Ballast
  • 12 Tracklaying and Surfacing
  • 13 Right of Way Fences
  • 15 Crossings and Signs
  • 16 Station and Office Buildings
  • 17 Roadway Buildings
  • 18 Water Stations
  • 19 Fuel Stations
  • 20 Shops and Engine Houses
  • 26 Telegraph and Telephone Lines
  • 27 Signals and Interlockers
  • 37 Roadway Machines
  • 38 Roadway Small Tools
  • 43 Other Expenditures - Road
  • 44 Shop Machinery
  • 45 Power Plant Machinery
  • 51 Steam Locomotives
  • 53 Freight Train Cars
  • 54 Passenger Train Cars
  • 57 Work Equipment
  • 71-75 and 77
  • 76

    The reports are stored alphabetically in bundles. The bundle index is available here. NARA does not have Final Engineering Reports for every railroad. Final Report volumes are usually post bound sheets of paper (Form 561) with a table of contents listing page numbers for each valuation section and account # reported on.

    For example, Bundle 96 Wh-Wi might have included the Wheeling & Lake Erie. The pull slip gets the set of reports and then you can see which railroads are actually there.

    In this example, the W&LE was missing, but the Wheeling Terminal Railway that the W&LE had trackage rights over was included.

    Although you can get permission to unbind the volumes, I found a hand held iPhone X camera provided readable images very quickly -- useful if you have limited time at NARA. Photoshop's perspective crop tool can be used to for limited straightening and the camera's 72 dpi image size can be updated to reflect the aproximate actual dpi so that Acrobat can do OCR. View Wheeling Terminal PDF.

    Pennsylvania Company: Volumes 1-7 Indexes and selected pages:
    PCo.PFtW&C: v1a.PA, v1b.PA, v1c.PA (Conway); v1d.PA
    PRR Conemaugh Division (West Penn) PRR.v22.0.PA
    digitized by David Pfeiffer, NARA Researcher available for hire.

    Bundle 70 included the Pennsylvania Company Final Engineering Report Vol 6 covering the Cleveland Akron and Cincinnati Railway valuation sections in Ohio (v19 - v22). Selected pages from PCo.CA&C.v19 Hudson to Akron Junction are available here.

    Bundle 26 included the CCC&StL (NYC-Big4) Final Engineering Report Vol 3. Selected pages from CCC&StL.v35 and v36 Cleveland to Crestline.

    In addition to the Final Engineering Reports, NARA has notebooks with field notes for some of the accounts. Engineering notes for the Building account often included photos, floor plans of individual structures and handwritten statistics used in the final reports.See separate finding aid.

    These reports were updated yearly on Form 588-R and occaisionally contain information on structure changes. 1927 example from Lehigh Valley


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