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To create a pull request, you need look up the location of the box containing the Engineering Field Notes of interest. You can use the Engineering Field Notes Folder/Volume Lists onsite or as a PDF(2.5MB). I converted the list into a searchable spreadsheet version: xlsx (Excel 4.MB) or csv (text 850K). It can be used to quickly find field notes of interest and the location information needed to create pull requests.

Example search for Baltimore & Ohio Field Notes for the Pittsburgh & Western Butler Branch v96.1:

New Box Railroad Volume Type of Notes Val Section Location
2949 Baltimore & Ohio 148 Building 96.1-3/PA 42/26/7
2980 Baltimore & Ohio 238 Roadway 96-97/PA 42/27/4
2981 Baltimore & Ohio 232 Roadway 96/PA 42/27/5

A pull request needs the following information for the Building field notes:

RG NO (Record Group) 134 (same for all ICC records)
Stack Area 570 (same for all engineering field notes)
ROW 42 (first number in location 42/26/7)
Compartment 26 (2nd number in location 42/26/7)
Shelf 7 (3rd number in location 42/26/7)
Record Identification Baltimore & Ohio Box 2949

The box you will receive:

Box 2949

This box contains 3 post binders with engineering field notes. You can pull out one binder at a time to locate volume 148:

Vol 148 B&O v96.1
St. Petersburg Knox





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