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Dinsmore's American Railroad And Steam Navigation Guide
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These early guides provide a comprehensive source for transportation in the 1850s as railroads were planned, constructed and changed ownership. Early guides include a listing of canals and stages in addition to railroads. Later guides included hotel information, city descriptions, routes listing between cities requiring change of trains. Individual time-tables included scheduled trains, stops, mileage and ticket costs. This was before standard time zones, Each railroad may have used a different city's high-noon time to base time-tables on, making connection planning more difficult.
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Library of Congress

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Kalmbach reprinted this guide in 1945. Scans are available from multiple sources and the fascimile found in libraries and booksellers.
NY Public Library
Bound volumes at the New York Public Library with multiple guides in most. Because they were bound, the inner portion of the pages are often not readable on image. Maps were scanned if available, but not at high resolution. Individual pages can be downloaded.
  • HathiTrust (scanned by Google from original in University of Illinois collection)

Library of Congress

map only

Full Map at

1859 May

personal collection

1856 copyright on map


  Compilation for a Specific Railroads 1850-1859

PRR, Philadelphia to Pittsburg Route (PDF 11MB)
Cleveland & Pittsburg, Akron Branch (PRR) (PDF 2MB)
Ohio & Pennsylvania (PFtW&C - PRR) (PDF 2.4MB)

    Addiitional dates not yet digitized can can be found in Worldcat listing for American Railway Guide
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