Pennsylvania & Ohio Canal
Overview Map edited from H.F. Walling 1868 Ohio Atlas Courtesy Cleveland Public Library Map Collection
NE Ohio

Northeast Ohio cropped to show P&O Canal

300 dpi PDF (880K)

600 dpi DjVu (990K)

Map & Profiles of the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal
1928 preliminary survey under the direction Col. Kearney
P&O Profile Title

scanned from copy with color update, identifying locks and changes from preliminary survey, source of updates unknown

P&O 1928 Profile

300 dpi DjVu photo (1.6M)
300 dpi PDF (3.5M)

courtesy of the Canal Society of Ohio,
collection housed at University of Akron Archival Services

Ohio Digital Elevation Model with historic waterways and railroad rights-of-way overlayed.
This is a work in progress, based on my research to date. (updated 3/30/2012)

3 meter digital elevation data courtesy of USGS
Akron GeoPDF 1.5MB | Cuyahoga Falls - Ravenna GeoPDF 7.6MB
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Electric Ry  
Electric Ry  
Summit County (Akron) Courtesy Cleveland Public Library Map Collection

Akron Wards 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 Combined

GeoPDF 2.3MB

Summit County Atlas 1874 Everts

Akron 1874

Tallmage Township

GeoPDF 1.6MB

Summit County Atlas 1874 Everts

Akron Branch of the Cleveland Pittsburgh Company 1851 (later the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus Railway - Pennsylvania Railroad) Real Estate Atlas pages showing the P&O Canal probably drawn while it was still in operation and later marked as abandoned. (4.9 MB PDF) Courtesy of the Pennsylvania State Archives: Penn Central Real Estate Department Microfilm MG286 RRV1108.
Portage County 1874 Everts Courtesy Cleveland Public Library Map Collection
Franklin Township (Kent) 1.6MB GeoPDF
Ravenna Township 1.6MB GeoPDF
G. M. Hopkins 1915 Akron Courtesy Cleveland Public Library Map Collection

Junction P&O / Middlebury Branch
1915 Hopkins plate 20 inset

150dpi PDF 4MB

Akron 1915

Middlebury Branch Canal
1915 Hopkins plate 21

150dpi PDF 8.7MB

Akron, Canton and Youngstown Railroad
c1917 Valuation Map

Showing Middlebury Branch Canal Towing Path


150 dpi PDF (1.6MB)
150 dpi bitonal PDF (.2MB)
stitched image - not all sections scanned

Courtesy University of Akron Archival Services
Erie-Lackawanna Collection

USGS GeoPDF Historic Toporgaphic Maps: 15' Akron | Kent | Ravenna | 7.5' Akron East | Kent | Hudson | Ravenna

GeoPDF files can be opened with any PDF viewer. When opened using Avenza PDF Maps on an iPhone or iPad with GPS capabilities, you can locate your position in the field. You can improve resolution using advanced features in Avenza PDF Maps.

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