Santa Fe Today

8 pamphlet set published by the Santa Fe Railway between 1945-50. A comprehensive overview of the railroad's operation in the mid 20th-century.

Expansion of the Santa Fe from a small Kansas enterprise into a vast transcontinental transportation system has brought about many changes in its operations. These articles explain the workings of this modern railroad plant with its shops, yards, offices and other physical properties which go to make up the Santa Fe today. These articles have been prepared by the public relations department with the co-operation of the various department heads and the editors of The Santa Fe Magazine.

No copyright notice. Santa Fe Magazine explicitly encouraged reproduction of its content.

Digitized at the Cleveland Digital Public Library. Originals donated to the Santa Fe Railway Historical Society.

No. 1:
16 pages
PDF (3.7MB)

  • Executive Department
No. 2:
32 pages
PDF (7.6MB)
  • Operating Department
  • Transporation Department
  • Car Service Department
No. 3:
44 pages
PDF (9.6MB)
  • Communications Department
  • Time Service Department
  • Safety Department
  • Personnel Department
  • Department of Employment
  • Contract Department
  • Special Services Department

No. 4:
88 pages
PDF (22MB)

  • Mechanical Department
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Engineer Car Construction
  • Supervisor of Diesel Engines
  • Test Department
  • Shop Extensions Department
  • Fuel Conservation Department
  • General Supervisor of Air Brakes
  • Car Lighting and Air-Conditioning Engineer
  • General Boiler Inspector
  • Supervisor of Tools
  • Supervisor of Welding
  • Supervisor of Mechanical Training
  • Mechanical Valuation Engineer
  • Chief Scale Inspector
  • General Mechanical Engineer
  • General Car Inspector
  • Lubrication Supervisors
  • Power Plant and Electircal Supervisor and Inspector

No. 5:
60 pages
PDF (14.7MB)

  • Engineering Department
  • Signal Department
  • Timber Treating Plants
  • Valuation Department

No. 6:
40 pages
PDF (9.6MB)

  • Traffic Department
  • Rate Department
  • Tarrif Department
  • Industrial Department
  • Foreign Freight Department
  • Live Stock Department
  • Agriculture Department

No. 7:
39 pages
PDF (8.5MB)

  • Passenger Service Department
  • Express and Mail Traffic Department
  • Advertising Department
No. 8:
39 pages
PDF (7.4MB)
  • Executive Offfice - New York
  • Secretary and Treasurer Department
  • Accounting Department
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