To California
Over the Santa Fe Trail

by C. A. Higgins
illustrated by
J. T. McCutchen, Carl N. Werntz & John W. Norton

Passenger Department, Santa Fe
Chicago, 1911

Copyright 1907, by W. J. Black, Revised Edition

works published before 1923 in the United States are now in the public domain.

THIS book is wholly devoted to a description of' Western scenes.

It is a trustworthy descriptive book of travel, unencumbered with statistics or itineraries. It is hoped, however, that a perusal of its pages will create a desire to visit the scenes described. The reader who wishes to know something specifically about the cost and other details of such a journey is respectfully requested to consult a representative of the Santa Fe System lines. A list of agents is given on reverse side.

Excursion tickets for the round trip to California over the Santa Fe are on sale at all times of the year in principal offices through- out the country. The rates are low, and liberal provisions are made for stop-ovens and final-return limit, allowing ample time for a prolonged stay at the many points of interest en route.

The trains of the Santa Fe are confidently recommended to a discriminating traveling public as unsurpassed in the important items of speed, safety, and luxurious, equipment. The dining-car and dining-room service is unrivaled. The employees are uniformly courteous.


Passenger Traffic Manager,
The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway System.

CHICAGO, March, 1911. 

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