Northern Ohio Railway
1895 Survey
The Akron Canton & Youngstown Railway obtained control of the Northern Ohio Railway from the Lake Erie & Western under a 999 year lease effective March 1, 1920.
These maps were updated to about 1920.
They were used as masters for linen tracings also in the U of Akron collection.
PDF files are 150 dpi (~1.5MB@)
DjVu files are 200 dpi (~1.75MB@)

Summit County Index
300 dpi PDF (4.2MB)

Map 01 Akron
Akron & Pittsburgh Railway
PDF - DjVu

Map 02 Akron
Akron Transfer R.R. - P.A.&W. R.R.

PDF - DjVu
Map 02A Akron PDF - DjVu
Map 02B Akron PDF - DjVu
Map 02C Akron PDF - DjVu

Medina County
built by the P.A.&W. R.R.

Map 09 Medina PDF - DjVu
Map 09B Medina
connection with CL&W (B&O)
PDF - DjVu
Map 21A Spencer
connection with W&LE
PDF - DjVu
Putnam County - Allen County
built by the C.D.&S.L. R.R.
Map 09 Columbus Grove PDF - DjVu
Map 09A Columbus Grove PDF - DjVu
Map 09C Columbus Grove
connection with CH&D (B&O), LN (DT&I)
PDF - DjVu
Map 21A Delphos
connection with T.St.L.&KC (Cloverleaf)
PDF - DjVu
Map 21D Delphos
connection with P.Ft.W.&C (PRR)
End of Line Detail: PDF
Courtesy of University of Akron Archival Services

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