Northeastern Ohio Railway Historical Society
Abandoned Right-of-Way Tour
June 29, 2002

Pittsburg & Western (Old B&O Main Line)
Cleveland, Alliance and Mahoning Valley Interurban

Newton Falls
(topo map | aerial photo | historic map)
right-of-way passes under new (c1900) B&O main line
DCP_1120.jpg DCP_1121.jpg DCP_1122.jpg DCP_1123.jpg DCP_1124.jpg DCP_1125.jpg
right-of-way crosses Newton Falls County Line Road and Mahoning River
DCP_1126.jpg DCP_1127.jpg DCP_1128.jpg DCP_1129.jpg DCP_1130.jpg
dj vu
right-of-way crosses Ravenna-Warren Road
DCP_1131.jpg DCP_1132.jpg DCP_1133.jpg DCP_1134.jpg
NYC Alliance Division right-of-way
Campbellsport (SE of Ravenna)
(topo map | aerial image | historic map)
right-of-way at Route 14 crossing
DCP_1136.jpg DCP_1137.jpg DCP_1151.jpg DCP_1152.jpg
Mahoning River crossing
DCP_1144.jpg DCP_1145.jpg DCP_1144.jpg DCP_1146.jpg DCP_1147.jpg
DCP_1148.jpg DCP_1149.jpg DCP_1150.jpg DCP_1140.jpg