Google Earth

This page links to a number of historic maps, atlases and drawings that are overlayed in Google Earth. Information on how map overlays are created is available at Most links require the the free Google Earth software be installed on your computer. (Google Maps and the Google Earth plug-in have limited support for the Google Earth KML file format)

Next click on the link below to load the Google Earth KML file for the map image(s) you would like to view. The KML file will load in Google Earth in your Temporary Places area. By checking and unchecking the item you can turn them on or off. There is also a transparency control to view the underlying layers. For more help view this pdf.

Super overlays created with Global Mapper: (Super overlays support larger maps and faster display. Network Links allow additional maps to be added without having to reinstall the link in Google Earth)

Older overlays created using the Google Earth's image overlay tool:

Tracing of Rights of Way:

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